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Studio Equipment

The Latest & Greatest Technology

-Neumann U87 Ai Microphone
-Apogee Symphony
-BAE 1073MPF Microphone preamp
-Avalon VT-737SP Preamp
-Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor

-Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor
-Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor w/ British Mode
-API 5500 Dual Equalizer


-Focal Trio6 Be Monitors
-Yamaha NS-10 Monitors
-Yamaha Subwoofer
Technologies Hear Back
-Dangerous Music Monitor ST
-Akai MPC X
-Avid Mixer Faders


-Pro Tools
-Waves Mercury Plugins
-UAD Plugins
-Auto Tune Pro

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